Increase Muscle Mass for a Healthier Aging Population 
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As we age, our bodies naturally start to break down. We can combat this process by increasing our muscle mass. Not only does gaining muscle mass lead to improved physical strength and endurance, but it also has numerous health benefits associated with it. Let’s take a look at why increasing muscle mass is so important for an aging population and how it can help keep us healthy as we age. 

The Benefits of Building Muscle Mass 
Building muscle mass leads to increased metabolic health in older adults. Studies have shown that once you reach the age of 30, your body begins a natural decline in muscle mass of 3-5% per decade. This decrease in muscle mass can make it more difficult to maintain metabolic health as you age. However, by focusing on increasing your muscle mass, you can help counteract this decline and improve metabolic health overall. 

Muscle plays a significant role in controlling glucose levels in the body. About 50% of our body mass is comprised of muscles and studies have shown that having bigger and stronger muscles helps reduce insulin resistance--meaning that your body is better able to dispose of glucose after eating a meal or snack (also known as “glucose disposal”). Reducing insulin resistance helps promote metabolic health, which naturally begins to decline as we age. 

Personal Training Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals 
If you’re looking to increase your muscle mass as you age, personal training can be extremely helpful in reaching those goals safely and effectively. Working with a personal trainer will help ensure that your workouts are tailored to meet your goals and fitness level--and they can also teach you proper form for exercises so that injuries don’t occur along the way. Personal trainers will also be able to provide feedback on your progress and help motivate you during tougher workouts! If you’re looking for personal training services in Toronto, Studio B3 offers personal training sessions both online and in-person in Toronto, near Hillcrest and Forrest Hill. 

Increasing muscle mass has numerous benefits associated with it--especially when it comes to maintaining metabolic health as we age. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that we can increase our muscle mass safely and effectively--including working with a personal trainer! If you live in Toronto or the GTA area, reach out to Studio B3 where we provide customized exercise services. 

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